Passage Person

In this final section everything pretty much just goes crazy. As if the hanging turned orgy, the father begging for his daughter’s murderer to be his son, the apparent mass amnesia in the town by far the part that truly shocked me was Grenouille’s demise. Grenouille bathed himself in his ultimate perfume, of which it only took one drop to send the whole city ready to hang him into a frenzy, a group of about 20 or 30 people, that were indeed all murders, killed and ate him. 

“The angel was decided into thirty pieces, and every animal in the pack snatched a piece for itself, and then driven by voluptuous lust, dropped back to devour it.” 

“All of a sudden there were delightful, bright flutterings in their dark souls. And on their faces was a delicate, virginal glow of happiness.”

“For the first time they had done something out of love.”

Do you think that Grenouille giving others this virginal glow brings the story almost full circle? Why do you think that Grenouille is referred to as an angel? Is it just because of the amount of perfume, or a broader reference? How do you think that love is represented throughout this novel? I think that it debases societies notion of love to a biological response, between all types of relationships: parent to child, friend to friend, lust, and even self in the final chapter. 


2 thoughts on “Passage Person

  1. Yeah I think that the way that the story ended brought everything back to full circle. Now that Grenuoille is gone and the men are confused by their actions, the story does not really resolve. The whole idea of passion and love sort of dissolves with this ending and I think that it diminishes the point of the book.

  2. I think the end kind of ties everything to Grenouille and the weirdness he has shown for the whole story but it doesn’t make sense. It’s such an usual reaction for the people to like his smell and then eat him. It’s obviously more powerful than that but it’s still weird. I think Grenouille is referred to as an angel because of the perfume. His characteristics aren’t angelic. Do you think if people knew he was the killer even with that perfume he would still be an angel?

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