Discussion Leader

1. Richis, the dad, thinks long and hard over the deaths that have occurred in Grasse. He decided that the murderer is a “careful collector” rather than a “destructive personality”. He thinks that the murderer is looking for young beautiful perfection which is exactly what Grenouille is doing. (But Grenouille is obviously doing it for odor reasons) Do you think Grenouille is a “careful collector” or a “destructive personality”?

2. Why do you think Grenouille feels absolutely no remorse or guilt for killing Laure now? He debated it before because he didn’t want to lose her scent forever, but now he has no problem killing her. On page 218 he even says that he is content and happy just waiting six hours for her scent to soak up. What made make up his mind?

3. Why do you think Grenouille chose the way to die that he did. He knew that putting that much of his perfume on was going to kill him, but do you think he knew they would eat him? I feel like that was a too personal way for him to die because he was such a lonesome person. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Discussion Leader

  1. 1. I think that in the last chapter we learn that his real motive is to collect the scent to wear so that Grenouille could love himself. I think that Grenouille really just has a distorted view of death, with all of his past dead siblings, his mothers attempted abandonment of him, and her death directly after birth. There is that thing, Nique I think you told me about it, that babies need an our to have skin to skin contact and serious mother baby bonding to be a well adjusted individual.
    2.I think that he is just so excited to have her scent. like we discussed earlier I think that Grenouille’s notion and expression of love is very distorted. And maybe because he lost his mother initially he just wants to hang on to things he loves and distilling her scent was the way to do that.
    3.I think that since he knew they were murderers he knew that the perfume would overwhelm them, but I really don’t know if they thought that it would drive them to eat him, however, if one drop drove that whole city mad he might have. I thought that the ending was just meant to show, I don’t know, that Grenouille lives on! Ew.

  2. 1. I think that Grenuoille is definitely a “careful collector”. He has a purpose to his murders and I don’t think that he would just murder people if not for the incentive of their scent.
    2. I am not really sure that Grenuoille actually feels remorse. I think that when he was debating Laure’s death, it was not even because he felt bad, it was just because of losing the scent of her. Purely selfish, not actual remorse.
    3. I think that Grenuoille chose that way to die because he was completely consumed in the scent that he basically devoted his life to. I am not quite sure he was aware that the men would eat him afterwards, but I agree with Carolyn and think that it was the influence of the evil of Grenuoille that drove the men to do so.

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