I found an article that I found very interesting that basically said that scent can influence a person to do things they would not normally do, such as buy a certain product or return to certain hotels or resort due to the ambient-like smells they incorporate to the environment ( I thought that that was interesting considering that Grenuoille’s scent basically was the ultimate persuader. I find is easy to imagine that the influence his perfume had on people was highly fictional, but it is weird to know that scent is actually a huge manipulator, and many people don’t even know it. What do you guys think?



2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. I think that scent is a very persuasive sense because not only does it connect most closely to humans emotional responses and memories but it severely determines taste as well. Smell can persuade heavily which is why realtors bake cookies when trying to sell a house or why we sprits a jasmine smelly into our baths. I thought of smelling oils as well and how it is said to be so powerful as to heal ailments. Additionally our reproductive decisions rely heavily on pheromone scent. I know that Grenouille’s perfect perfume is fiction, but we are still extremely susceptible to smell.

  2. That’s really interesting! It’s kindof cool and also kind of scary that things like this happen and we don’t even know it. I think Grenouille’s perfume was so pursuasive because of the virgin scent it had. This was the scent that he had longed for since he started perfuming and he was content once he had made it. It worked on the people because it was made of people and it was so pure and rich that they had no defense against it.

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