1. Why do you think that the author wanted to make a personal connection to Laure? We don’t know much about the other girls that Grenuoille killed, but the author gives us more information on her. Why do you think that is?

2. At one point in the story, Grenuoille contemplates suicide. I thought that this was very ironic because he has survived just about everything up to this point. What is the significance of his thoughts of taking his own life?

3. People in the beginning of the story were immediately wary of Grenuoille and avoided him if possible and it seems as if this has changed. Do you think that Grenuoille has changed much since the beginning of the story to elicit this response?



2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. 1. I initially thought, and it became clearer and clearer, that we got to know so much about her because she would be the key to this ‘ultimate scent’ we have all been anticipating.
    2. I think that his contemplation of suicide is significant because it illustrates how overpowering his emotions are. It shows how Grenouille is being controlled by his emotions and where is motives are for the upcoming murders.
    3.I think that the biggest reason for this is because he wears his ‘human’ perfume and acts more ‘human’. Grenouille is very weird and as people get older they tend to ignore each other more and more, so I think that this can be blamed largely on just the progression of peer interaction through age.

  2. 1. I think it is a connection to the first girl that Grenouille killed. These two girls had a specific scent that was different to Grenouille than other girls did. He smelled her from far away and desired her smell more than he desired any other girls smell. That is what he really wants to capture.
    2. I think it shows how emotionally unstable he is. He contemplates suicide over not being about to make a decision about the girl he is going to murder because of her scent. If he kills her her scent will be gone forever and if he doesn’t kill her, he will not be able to completely capture her scent. This situating making his consider suicide is really a scary thought.
    3. I think since he did the experiment after coming off the mountain he has become more humanized. I think his makeover boosted his self confidence and probably changed other people’s perceptions of him. He doesn’t look so creepy anymore. I don’t think people think of him like he is such a freak like he was before.

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