“It was really true- Grenouille, the solitary tick, the abomination, Grenouille the Monster, who had never felt love and would never be able to inspire it, stood there beside the city wall of Grasse on that day in March and loved and was profoundly happy in his love” 190
“He was overcome with desire to abandon his plans, to walk out into the night and disappear. He would wander across the snow-covered mountains, not pausing to rest, hundreds of miles into the Auvergne, and there creep into his old cave and die.” 191
We are finally seeing real emotion in Grenouille! When he finds the scent of the little red haired girl he is truly in love with it. Although he is not feeling true love for a person he is feeling love for a scent like he did for the first girl that he killed. This time he knows the consequences if he were to kill her and is torn between having her scent by killing her or not killing her so the scent will live on. He is so emotional about this that he considers committing suicide. I really like seeing this much emotion in his because it shows that he is actually a human, but it is still so creepy that he falls in love with a young girls smell. Do you think these emotions are what push him to kill all the other girls or does he just want their scent?



2 thoughts on “Passages

  1. I was surprised and creeped out when I read this also! I think that Grenouille is developing in his emotions, which were hindered from his childhood, but also from his secession for seven years. I think that Grenouille is kind of bi-polar for a little bit, or just extremely overwhelmed with his new, deeply felt, emotions. He goes between a deep love and lust for her smell to suicidal at the thought of it fading. In reference to his motives for killing and distilling the other girls I think that Grenouille does it to have a base for the Red-haired girl’s smell so that it will last. Additionally I think that he is using them as practice for the Red-haired girls scent. I think that his emotions will continue to progress and change through the last leg of the book.

  2. I agree with you! It is so interesting to see emotion is Grenuoille! But more scary than anything else. His emotions kind of remind me of that of a child. He is so fragile and impulsive and it is very dangerous. It is like his emotions just hit him. And now they’re overwhelming him which encourages him to act upon them no matter the consequences.

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