Okay so, in this section we finally reach what we have all been anticipating: murder! (and a lot of them!) Grenouille has now killed 24 virgin girls in order to hone his distilling before getting the girl he really wants to distill, the Red-head. I found it really weird how Grenouille became almost suicidal when he thought about the red-head’s scent fading after he made the perfume and that he didn’t even care about looking at her dead body once he had her smell. My (and Riley’s!) public speech teacher had said that odor was the strongest link to memory. In this article ( it breaks down how, since the womb smell is the strongest persuader and trigger for memory. I wonder if this makes Grenouille’s memory even stronger, because his memory trigger is so drastically more advanced? Additionally, this could further fuel his obsession, because he has an addiction to the olfactory stimulation. 

Also, while I was looking for college scholarships I found this one!

Smells like college debt. The Fragrance Research Fund makes a scholarship of up to $50,000 available to clinical psychologists who are completing post-graduate research in aromachology. I always knew my fantastic sense of smell might come in handy, alas, I’m not studying anything at the post-graduate level. If you are, you can get in touch with the Fragrance Research Fund – 145 East 32nd St., New York, N.Y. 10016-6002.
Grenouille would defiantly get the 50K!



2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. I think Grenouille fits into this perfectly! He had such a great memory of all of these memories, but they are all through his sense of smell. The fact that smells can evoke emotions is probably a really big part of Grenouille’s life. Smells seem to be the only thing that evokes Grenouille’s emotions. He doesn’t have emotions most of the time, but when he does they are all related to scents. More recently it has all been about human scents which is super weird.

  2. That is so funny that you found a scholarship like that! But I agree and I think that his smell and his memory are probably pretty closely linked. It makes him impulsive and desperate to hang on to the scents that he has in his memory. He lost the scent of the first girl that he killed, so it makes sense that that would infuriate him!

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