Grenuoille sat at his ease on his bench in the cathedral of Saint-Pierre and smiled. his mood was not euphoric as he formed his plans to rule humankind. There were no mad flashings of the ey, no lunatic grimace passed over his face. He was not out of his mind, which was so clear and buoyant that he asked himself why he wanted to do it at all.  And he said to himself that he wanted to do it because he was evil, thoroughly evil. And he smiled as he said it and was content. He looked quite innocent, like any happy person. (Pg 155)

I kind of got a shiver reading this passage. It freaked me out. Before the most recent chapters, I perceived Grenuoille as more of a beast than a man. He acted instinctually with no conscious or emotion. But now we see him in a new light. He acknowledges his evil and he is purposefully manipulating those around him, which I did not think he would do. What do you think about his shift in character??



2 thoughts on “Passage

  1. I agree! I did not think that Grenouille’s character would progress this much. I though that he would keep being this biological human that was driven inherently and solitarily on his olfactory senses. But now, he is driven my his willingness and want to be evil. Grenouille is now drawing his confidence and motive from the new label that he has anointed himself with: evil.

  2. I think his true character might just be coming out now. We have always known this about him, but now me knows it about himself also. He had always been with people that are above him so now that he is on his own, he is not restricted by anyone. Now he is free to be evil and not have to go home to anyone after. It is really weird that someone could tell them self and believe that they actually want to be evil…who does that?!

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