Discussion Leader

1. Grenouille has a terrible dream that makes him decide to move back to civilization after seven years in the cave. Why do you think that his dream about having a body odor that he cannot smell freaks him out so much? Weather he had a natural smell or not wouldn’t it fade after he died anyway? If Grenouille has already concocted great perfumes when he was with Baldini, how would he not make a mark on the olfactory world?

 2. When Grenouille came back into civilization in Pierrefort, he insisted that he was captured an held hostage for seven years as opposed to just saying that he had been living in solitude. Why would he do this if he really doesn’t like humans anyway? Is it because he wants them to notice him, since he now knows they can’s smell him?

3. Following Grenouill’s slip out of town The Marquis walks up a mountain and never returns (he is presumably dead). Why do you think that everyone Grenouille contacts dies either untimely or miserably, even when he has no intention of it? Do you think that this shows that Grenouille’s evil nature is out of his control?



2 thoughts on “Discussion Leader

  1. 1. I am very confused as to why Grenuoille had this shift in intentions. From the time he decides to return to society to where we stopped reading, I notice that he has changed immensely. From animal back to human. I think that his lack of smell scares him so much because he can smell everything, and the fact that he can not smell himself scares him because it leaves him out of control.
    2. I think that Grenuoille insists that he was held captive because now he has different intentions and he needs to be a part of society to do so. I think that his smell now makes him self-conscious and it scares him, so he need another layer of protection and satisfaction beyond his sense of smell.
    3. I think that deaths of all the people Grenuoille has interacted with is for dramatic effect. To reinforce that Grenuoille is really a monster, and destruction follows him anywhere. Obviously Grenuoille had nothing to do with the deaths, but it is the association with Grenuoille that makes him seem so deadly.

  2. 1. The fact that he does not have a smell is what freaks him out because it sets him apart from everyone else. He doesn’t want to be the odd man out. He is obviously making his mark on the perfuming world, but he wants to make the human scent and he can’t even smells his own human scent. Most people have a certain smell to them. If Grenouille can smell this personal smell on everyone but himself, I see why this would be upsetting.
    2. I think he just does not want to look like a freak. People would think weird thing about him if they knew he lived alone on a mountain top eating snakes for seven years. Thats a weird thing to do. I would judge him too.
    3. I don’t know about this one. I keep thinking about what Madame Gaillard said about death following the evil people like him. I don’t understand it. He doesn’t do anything to the people he comes in contact with, but they do seem to all be dying. This evil he has within him must be incredibly strong to be able to kill off people without actually killing them.

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