So we finally wee that Grenouille is making the human sceented perfume we read about before, but he is only making it to mask the human scent that he lacks. His only goal with this was to smell like everyone else does. He wants to use the perfume for this reason now, but eventually wants to make a similar perfume to make everyone in the world love him.
I looked up human scented perfumes and it turns out there is something called a pheromone. It is a chemical secretion that effects the behavior of another person or animal..generally sexually. This news story says that there are perfumes being made that are used specifically to draw in a partner and because this attraction is genetic, as long as it is compatible with the other person, it should work. It is super creepy. I’m okay with this happening naturally, but making a perfume that tricks you is super weird! I feel like this is exactly what Grenouille is going for. He just want a perfume that will attract other people to him and that is going to make the book weird.



2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Oh man, how weird is that! I figure that Grenuoille’s attraction to scent, other than the fact that his sense of smell is extraordinary, must have some type of chemical or instinctual draw. I find it disturbing in the story what Grenuoille is doing, and that is even more disturbing in real life. I’m good with my Marc Jacobs.

  2. I have totally heard of this pheromone thing! In the show Gilmore Girls (which I know you watch, Nique!) Rory’s weird room mate tells her about this to make a guy like her! She tells her to take a jog around the building to work up a nice musk because it is what the opposite sex is attracted to. I also remember learning that it is your scent and the hormones it triggers in others that determines who you want to procreate with. It is weird that we are swayed so much by something we aren’t really even that conscious of. With Grenouille’s new want to rule the human race, I could see how a perfect human scent could be a powerful weapon.

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