Passage Person

Let me begin by saying that I felt weird reading this section, much less writing about it here. I solely chose this passage because when I read it was creeped out while reading it!

“To enhance the mood, he first conjured up those that were earliest and most remote: the hostile, steaming vapors of Madame Gaillard’s bedroom; the bone-dry, leathery bouquet of her hands; the vinegary breath of Father Terrier; the hysterical, hot maternal sweat of Bussie the wet nurse; the carrion stench of the Cimetiere des Innocents; the homicidal odor of his mother. And he wallowed in disgust and loathing, and his hair stood on end at the delicious horror…

“And then all at once, the pent-up hate would erupt with orgasmic force-that was, after all, the point of the exercise. Like a thunderstorm he rolled across these odors that had dared offend his patrician nose. He thrashed at them as hail thrashes a grainfield; like a hurricane, he scattered the rabble and drowned them in a grand purifying deluge of distilled water. And how just was his anger. How great his revenge” 

So, now that Grenouille is alone, and away from all humankind, I think that he will drive himself more mad than he already seemed. This passage was just so uncomfortable to read (so clearly I made you read it again). I think that it is a sort of turning point because we are seeing his intense connection to his smells in a way that angered him so much and this passage clearly eluded to him master bating literally to smell memories. This passage also marked a turn in the novel that may be more plot driven, now we have seen Grenouille and have understand his character so I think that the novel will be more plot driven than just laying a very extensive groundwork as it has been. 




2 thoughts on “Passage Person

  1. I think that Grenuoille’s solitude will only enhance his will to survive and his purpose in life. It is very odd the way that he acts but I think that it will serve a purpose later in the book. Now that he understands that he does not smell, I think that now he will go searching for the ultimate perfume to cover his scentless body.

  2. This is the second encounter we have had with Grenouille that has seemed to fit the summary of the book. Doing this by himself on a mountain probably wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, but once he goes back with humankind it could be dangerous. This could be what he strives for when he smells women or smells certain things. His weird connection with smell is obviously what’s gonna drive him toward the terrible things he is going to do, but having this feeling could be the first step toward all that he will want to accomplish with scents and perfumes when he is with other people.

    Also, I think it’s so crazy how he can recall smells to greatly. Especially smells from when he was a baby still nursing…that’s crazy!

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