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1. Do you thing Grenouille’s thoughts of his empire and being “Grenouille the Great” are good for him or bad for him? He uses them to make himself happy and he is happy when he is in these vision of his own land, but they are so unrealistic that when he returns to society he will be let down. Do you think that he thinks these dreams are real? Are these healthy for him when he is living in such an odd state?
2. Would safety be worth living like he did to you? He licks moisture from a rock in order to not dehydrate to death; he eats moss and eats lizards whole; he finds pleasure only in dreams and past smells; he is practically dying on this mountain. But he is safe (scent-wise) and to him that has been worth it for the past seven years? Why is this even worth it to him?
3. Grenouille doesn’t react like I would expect him to when he is taken by the professor. He is practically a little show monkey for this guys theory. Grenouille is pretty emotionless throughout the week he is there. At the end, after he “becomes” a gentleman, he realizes that he could have an effect on the world. The way it is stated along with the positive effect the makeover had on him makes this seems like it would be a positive effect. What is going to make Grenouille “effect the world” in such a disgusting and ugly way?


4 thoughts on “Discussion leader

  1. 1. I think that it is alright for him as long as he is not near civilization. This type of power, I think, is really only a survival coping mechanism for him. But when he returns to civilization, things will be much of a shock for him.
    2. Grenuoille is not really focused on what is safe and what is comfortable. I think that the freedom of living alone is desirable to him and I think that’s why he give up it all to live in complete solitude.
    3. I am not sure why Grenuoille is so taken to this new lifestyle. I think that it is very odd the way he is acting. But I have a bad feeling about it.

  2. 1. I think that “Grenouille the Great”‘s growing ego will be a VERY bad thing for him. I think that he does believe that his dreams are reality and I think that this is dangerous because it will give him a confidence to do bad things. I also think that he is putting himself above everyone else which may send him on some killing power-trip.
    2. I would think that maybe the smells are sort of like PTSD for him. Like he is just flooded with them in the civilized world and it drives him mad. I must have never felt madness like that because I would not live like that to escape reality. This is actually something I think about… Why does Grenouille not just breathe through his mouth sometimes?
    3.I was sort of confused by this section with the professor. I think that it may just foster his hatred for humanity. I think that it is possible that his effect on the world is going to be to take the only positive trait about it, a virgin’s smell, and immortalize it in extraction perfume.

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