This week’s reading reminded me of a story someone had to described to me a long time ago about a man who decided to live in the wild and unfortunately died from starvation. I decided to look it up ( and remembered that his name was Christopher McCandless, and that there was a book called Into the Wild written about him. I thought that his story was interesting because it was a little similar to Grenuoille’s. Of course McCandless wasn’t as inhuman and cold as Grenuoille but both chose to leave civilization and live in solitude which is what most people chose not to do. Would you ever live in solitude?? Could you handle the elements and the difficulties of survival?? 



2 thoughts on “Connection!

  1. Wow, what a story! I can defiantly see the connection of going out to live on your own. However, this Chris McCandless seems like he had his flaws but was an overall cool guy. By giving all of his money to the OxFam non profit to help people all over the world in poverty shows that he was not interested in monetarily moving up himself, but just of the well fare of humanity itself. Grenouille on the other hand moved out into the wild for purely selfish reasons. He just hated people so much he got away. It seems like Chris did this for his love of humanity and happiness. His quote about happiness only being valuable if it is shared with others illustrates this point nicely. It is interesting that two people with opposite motives can use the same outlet.

  2. I think two things about their situations set them apart. The first would be their history. McCandless was a normal person and Grenouille was a freak. The second is how long thy survived in such a rural environment. Although Grenouille’s situation is fiction, he lasted years on the top of the mountain with nothing to eat and no human contact.
    I personally wouldn’t last a day. I love having food in the fridge and having a hot shower whenever I want. I couldn’t live off of snakes and potato seeds.

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