Discussion Questions Week 4

1. Baldini and Grenuoille are definitely both “evil” people, but I believe to be in very different ways. Do you think one is more evil than the other? Or do you believe that all types of evil are equal? Why or why not?

2. Why do you think that misfortune follow the people that Grenuoille associates himself with after he leaves? Do you think that it is Grenouille who brings misfortune, or the individuals themselves?

3. Why does Grenuoille want to be away from people if the scent of people (virgin girls in particular) seemed to be his purpose in life?



2 thoughts on “Discussion Questions Week 4

  1. 1. I defiantly do NOT think that all types of evil are equal. To me, Baldini is a selfish, greedy, man that has become bitter through life. I think that he maybe has a back story that we don’t know that has made him the way that he is. Grenouille, however, has never expressed that he even knows the things he has done are ‘evil’. Even before he could have possibly had the mental capacity to comprehend evil people perceived him so. I feel bad for both of them (but we all know I have a weak spot for the ‘evil’).
    2. Well, this one is tricky to me because the almost poetic ending of Baldini floating beneath Grenouille in death sort of hints that there is a connection between the two. It is also suggested that there is a connection between Grenouille and the death that follows him when Madame Gaillard that took care of him spoke about the evils and misfortune of people that follow people with ‘second sight’ as she called it.
    3. I guess if you really strip it down to the bare minimum, we all lose our purpose in life at one point or another. So, maybe when he spoke so much about his purpose we all thought he meant that the virgin’s smell in particular was, when maybe he was speaking more broadly. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I think that his stay on the mountain is working as a sort of calm before the storm.

  2. I think their evils are way different. Baldini is inwardly evil. He is always interested in his own good which doesn’t effect other people. Grenouille is (or will be) evil in a way that hurts other people and I think this evil is worse. He does these evils almost without thinking about it though so although his evil is worse, it is more innocent.
    2. The deaths of the three people he has been closely associated with has to be connected to him. From the beginning of the story misfortune has been mentioned many times always referring back to Grenouille. I have no idea how, but I think their deaths are related to being in contact with Grenouille.
    3. I think this one could go two ways. He could either he subconsciously driven away from people in order to stop himself from doing bad things or he could have lost his drive that he had when he smelled the girl that he killed. He is obviously going to be obsessed with the scents again later, but being alone for a while might be working to purify his sense of smell.

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