Week 3: Connection

“…for at first Grenouille still composed his scents in the totally chaotic and unprofessional manner familiar to Baldini, mixing his ingredients impromptu and in apparent wild confusion.”

This sentence stuck out to me because I recently hung out with my sister in San Francisco for a weekend end got to observe her lifestyle. She lives an extremely healthy life, from food and exercise to perfumes and deodorants. I asked her about them because they were in unmarked bottles and didn’t seem store bought and she makes her own perfumes and deodorants!I immediately thought of Grenouille and wanted to make my own. She let me dig into her essential oils and scents without giving me and instruction and I failed. I thought any combination would be lovely, but it is actually hard to make a nice scent. I’m impressed that both Grenouille and my sister can make a scent that actually smells nice.

Like Baldini she mixed ingredients until she found a mixture that she loves and now she makes it by smelling it until it smells how she wants it to smell like Grenouille does. After looking up ways to make your own perfumes and deodorants (with recipes) using all natural fresh ingredients, it seems doable and leaves out the harmful aluminum that is in most antiperspirant deodorants.



2 thoughts on “Week 3: Connection

  1. That is really interesting! You would think that just throwing a bunch of good smelling things together would just smell good!! It really is a type of science and it is very extensive and detailed! And I think that perspective makes it a little easier to understand just how amazing Grenuoille’s olfactory talent is!

  2. That is so cool! I always see DIY deodorants, shower gels, and other smelly products on Pinterest and want to try them! I think that it is interesting that your sister kind of worked backward from Grenouille; he began just doing it by nose then was forced to work systematically. I wonder if being talented in things like your sister, and to the extreme Grenouille, they are like olfactory learners, like kinesthetic or auditory learner but with smell?

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