Discussion Questions

1. Baldini seems to be a greedy man that is only concerned with business, and rightfully so because of the threat of closing shop. He does not even like the perfume Amor and Psyche, but is obsessed with it because it is monetarily successful. Do you think that Grenuoille will make a better master perfumer because he doesn’t have another motive? Do you think that is true in jobs now? Or is money the best motivator?

2. I looked up Amor and Psyche and it turns out that is is a reference to the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche (Pretty much she is so beautiful that she makes Venus [goddess of beauty] jealous and Cupid falls for her, but she encounters a ton of obstacles and loneliness due to her curiosity. Do you think that the ‘virgin smell’ that engulfs Grenuoille is how he feels love? He doesn’t interpret other emotions, or words, like the rest of us; could this be his definition for love?

3. Grenuoille is most interested in extracting and distilling essences from living plants. Do you think that this part where Baldini shows him will play a role in Grenuoille using this technique with women?



3 thoughts on “Discussion Questions

  1. 1. I am not sure that Grenuoille would be better in the perfume business than Baldini. His sense of smell is so powerful that what he finds pleasant smelling would not be how others react. Grenuoille would not understand the importance of the money behind business, he does what he wants and acts selfishly for himself and money is not his priority. I do think for a lot of people these days that money is a huge motivator. A lot of the time, money trumps passion, unfortunately.
    2. I think that Grenouille does not feel love at all. I think that everything he does is driven by very simple, selfish instincts. I think that his attraction to the virgin smell may be because of natural human desire, not so much emotion.
    3. I thought about that briefly but then decided to stop thinking about that. Ew. Yes.


  2. 1. I think Grenouille would make a way better perfumer because of his passion for smells. He also has such a natural way of making perfumes that are actually amazing in comparison to the non-talent that Baldini has. Because money is his only motivator he obviously doesn’t have his heart in the perfumes. I think that is how some people are in their professions, but a lot of people also have jobs they love and enjoy. It depends on the person and the job.

  3. 2. I don’t think Grenouille feels anything. He seems to be such a bland person that nothing effects him other than smells. His interpretation of love or emotion extends only to the things he smells not the people he smells them on.
    3. I really hope not. The book had been too PG-13 up until this point though. The terrible things Grenouille is going to do have to be coming soon.

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