Passage Person

             Grenouille had killed the young girl, about 13 years old, in order to enjoy her scent as he pleased. After she was dead and he described how he engulfed himself with her scent, keeping his eyes closed. Did you guys feel as though he was violating her, although not through touch but through scent? This whole section severely creeped me out (though we did choose a serial killer novel!) In the last paragraph of page 43 Grenouille had returned home from tracking and capturing the “perfect scent”. This passage was extremely interesting because he showed absolutely zero guilt for what he had just done, in fact, just the opposite. Grenouille felt pride; he felt purpose. I feel like Grenouille has developed a sort of Messiah complex since he murdered the 13 year old girl because following the incident he harps on the fact that he finally found: “true happiness”, “pure bliss”, and he, “finally knew who he really was”, “genius”.  Since committing this horrid act he feels like murder is his calling, not something he should be ashamed of.



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  1. I completely agree. The fact that he “found himself” and what he wanted to do by killing a person is just scary. The way this passage was described made the death seem insignificant in Grenouille’s life and conscience, and it probably is. He didn’t even think about what he was doing. He was just so compelled by her scent that he felt he had to smell every part of her. Super uncomfortable.

  2. Yeah I am going to agree with you guys on this. I was pretty disturbed reading this party of the story. I believe that Grenouille’s lack of consciousness regarding his first murder is because he just isn’t really human. Not literally of course, but his actions don’t really resemble any human-like redeeming qualities. Grenouille is satanic. Animal-like even more so.

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