Discussion Leader

1. Grenouille found this girl’s scent from extremely far away. He was immediately enveloped in the scent and had to find it. After he finally found the girl he still wasn’t satisfied. Why do you think he felt the need to kill her right away without even seeing her face? Do you think he knew that killing her would make her scent disappear forever?

2. Grenouille is obviously obsessed with scent and he had been taking in scents, when he acquired the scent of this girl he became alive. The book said he had previously “merely existed”. He learned that he was a genius and had a talent. Why did it take him this long to realize how extraordinary his smell is? Why did it take her scent to make him “find the compass for his future”?

3. We know Grenouille’s deal with scent, but how will Baldini be connected with Grenouille? At chapter 9 the story drops Grenouille and still has not mentioned him at the end of chapter 12. What is the importance of Baldini, the perfumer?


2 thoughts on “Discussion Leader

  1. 1. I think that Grenuoille is driven by instinct, as horrible as that sounds. His actions and thoughts are primitive, and animal-like so I don’t believe his primary connection to the girl was through sight, it was through scent. And I believe that Grenouille’s olfactory superiority lets him hold on to scents longer.
    2. Grenuoille is not a normal human. He has no conscious. He has no remorse or guilt, only self-preservation and cravings for smell. Obviously, he had not come in to contact with many girls before, so when finding this particular smell that hit him so hard, I believe that this is what he desires most. And his selfish, animal-like qualities drive him to pursue this scent now as his life’s goal.
    3. I am a little confused as to what Baldini will do in the future of the novel. Obviously he also is associated with smell, but I am interested to see as to how he will come in to contact with Grenuoille.

  2. 1. Since Grenuoille sort of disregards his other senses I read it like he was kind of drunk. I think this because he was taken over by her sent, like you said Riley it was instinctual for him. I think he didn’t take any repercussions into account it was like a very sudden addiction for him, like some people would feel with drugs or something like that.
    2. Okay, I was wondering this too! I am about to get really creepy but…. there is no way that young girl was the only virgin he had ever encountered. So, I think maybe (I feel weird even typing this) he hit puberty or something, like this was his coming of age of sorts.
    3. I was very thrown off when the story suddenly shifted to Baldini also, but I think that he may tie into Grenuoille’s purpose and meaning of life. I think this because when Madame Gaillard left the story the author made a point to diminish the meaning of life and debase that there is a purpose to life.

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